Membership Benefits

LandOpt isn’t for everyone. Our members aspire to be among the industry’s most successful contractors. In fact, many have already reached that pinnacle. We’re very proud that we helped them get there. If you have the drive, skills and commitment to GROW from GOOD to GREAT, we will get you there, too. LandOpt’s unique tools, processes and approach were all created with one goal in mind: to deliver a greener bottom line to our members.

Whether you are new to the industry, creating a legacy, or planning an exit strategy, LandOpt will help position your business for the future you envision.

Higher Sales Fewer HR Headaches Greener Bottom Line Greater Quality of Life


Higher Sales

LandOpt will teach you how to attract and retain more profitable customers. Many new members report their sales go up 15% in their first year. Typically, 50% of members’ revenue is from recurring services.

Our proactive sales program gives you an edge over the competition because it:

  •  Provides a customized financial plan to ensure continuous sales activity and progression of prospects through the buying cycle
  •  Allows you to sell solutions, not just products and services
  •  Fosters customer relationships and creates a culture of customer care that is second to none
  •  Ensures a predictable revenue stream based on a balance of maintenance and project work 
  •  Improves cash flow through advance billing for services that are under contract
  •  Features reliable reports that let you better plan, manage and forecast sales activity
  •  Generates new leads through the pipeline of satisfied customers

However, the plan is just the starting point. Your LandOpt Success Coach will work closely with you to execute it, making adjustments as needed.

Fewer HR Headaches

LandOpt’s human resources management program will help you build and retain an empowered team that operates in a culture of trust and mutual respect. We also can recruit and screen candidates for key positions.

As a member, you will have access to LandOpt’s People Coach who will work with you to develop a tailored HR blueprint.  This detailed plan will be designed to attract and retain the best team members by:

  •  Defining roles and responsibilities within your organization
  •  Recruiting and screening candidates that are best suited for the roles
  •  Identifying people who best fit within your organization
  •  Creating employee goals and reviews to ensure progress
  •  Establishing industry-appropriate salary and wage guidelines

Through the LandOpt HR process, you will be able to offer everyone a career – not just a job.

Greener Bottom Line

LandOpt members’ performance typically exceeds their peers. That’s because they utilize our best-in-class financial planning and management tools that produce predictable, consistent cash flow and greater profits. Our proven system also creates efficiencies that contribute to the bottom line.

In 2021, our members’ operating profits outpaced the competition by 28%. The LandOpt system can help you transform your company into one that is both true to your mission and capable of achieving steady, sustainable growth.

To start, your Success Coach will create a realistic financial plan that includes:

  •  Revenue goals and benchmarks
  •  Operations gross profit plans
  •  Operations burden rate plans
  •  Equipment cost schedules

Next, we will teach you how to accurately estimate jobs based on data, keep costs under control, track profitability and measure outcomes. Team members will be provided with a process they can use to keep jobs on time and on budget.

Financial planning and reporting tools make it easier to manage receivables and expenses, and to spot potential problems early. Twice monthly calls with your Success Coach will keep you on the path to financial success with less stress.

And, as a LandOpt contractor you get access to our Channel Partner Network, consisting of top product and service providers, including many whom offer preferred pricing to members.

Greater Quality of life

LandOpt will teach you how to run your business so it does not run you. Our time-tested processes will streamline your operations, make them more efficient and eliminate some of your daily tasks.

  •  With our financial planning and monitoring tools, you will sleep easier knowing that your business is on track 
  •  Hiring and onboarding will be less time-intensive and frustrating

What’s more, we will help you head off trouble before it happens. We keep a close watch on potential issues that affect members, alerting them in advance and offering solutions. As a result, you spend less time managing unexpected problems.

In short, we put time back into your day.