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Before you become a LandOpt member, you need to understand the commitment that’s required to transform your organization. This is accomplished through an evaluation process that typically takes 30 days. It’s critical that we look at your organization as closely as you examine ours to ensure there is a good fit. Because you will have exclusive membership rights within your geographical territory, it’s important that you have the company culture, passion and drive necessary to be part of the LandOpt Network.  In turn, we will educate you on our services, processes, benefits and fee structure. You will have the opportunity to interact with various members of the LandOpt team in addition to talking to and/or meeting some of our network contractors.

Became a LandOpt Member

Became a LandOpt Member

Introduction: First, we will get acquainted through a one-hour virtual meeting with your leadership and owners. You’ll learn how LandOpt can help you grow and what it takes to be a successful member of the LandOpt Network. If we both agree there is a potential fit, we will move on to the next step.

Transformation Analysis:  You will submit financial statements, performance reports, ownership and growth strategy details, and complete a comprehensive online business evaluation. We will use our confidential business diagnostics tools to analyze your business as we prepare for the next steps.

Discovery:  In this part of the process, you will meet one-to-one with a LandOpt member. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about his or her experiences and outcomes. Have follow-up questions? You will be encouraged to reach out to the contractor or other members.

Education: This is your chance to meet and interact with the LandOpt leadership team and Success Coaches. We will present the deliverables you can expect during your early days as a LandOpt member. We also will discuss the cost of your investment and the actions required to achieve your goals.

Agreement: During this stage, you will review your agreement before signing on the dotted line and joining the LandOpt Network.

Kick Off:  Now the work begins. You will meet with your Success Coach, who will begin a deep dive into your business and start creating a roadmap to your future. Goals will be set as the financial planning process commences. At the same time, immediate needs will be identified and solutions offered. 

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