About Us

Our Unique Approach

Founded in 2004. Our mission is simple: we help America’s best landscape contractors grow and love their businesses. Work with us and your company will become more efficient, profitable and less chaotic

  • In 2021 our members’ operating profits exceeded their peers by 28%.

LandOpt creates lasting partnerships with contractors who are serious about expanding their businesses, increasing their efficiency and improving their quality of life. Unlike consultants who offer quick fixes and leave you to do all the work, LandOpt stays by your side every step of the way. 

Proprietary business management tools are combined with continuous, ongoing personalized support delivered by Success Coaches who share your passion and drive. Have a big problem on a Saturday morning? Your coach will take your call.

We’re good at what we do, but LandOpt’s real stars are our members. They’re among the best in the business who take pride in mentoring the next generation of industry leaders. As a new member, you — and your GMs, project managers, account managers and sales teams – get immediate access to them through the LandOpt network.




Every member of LandOpt’s management team plays a role in helping our members grow from good to great. Success Coaches work 1:1 with members as advisors, idea generators and butt-kickers. The leadership team is focused on growing the LandOpt member and channel partner networks, which benefit everyone. Board members offer decades of experience in a variety of contracting fields. Board Chair Dan Eichenlaub has run a highly successful landscape contracting firm for more than 40 years.

Our Values

The LandOpt business model is built upon long-term relationships with members and channel partners. It’s vital that everyone who is part of the LandOpt network shares similar values. Here are ours:

  1. Put members’ interests ahead of ours. As a successful contractor, you likely put your customers’ needs and interests ahead of your own. We do the same, never forgetting that we exist to support our members. We thrive when you do.
  2. Build lasting partnerships. LandOpt was started nearly 20 years ago with the goal of empowering independent landscape contractors with new tools and processes to help them grow. Today, we’re proud that our founders remain active partners, including Board Chair Dan Eichenlaub, owner of a top Pittsburgh landscaping company.
  3. Share successes. Landscape contracting is a tough business with challenges — and opportunities — around every corner. We celebrate wins, large and small. LandOpt strongly believes that success breeds success and that victories should be shared throughout the network.
  4. Create strong friendships. LandOpt strives to provide a unique environment that leads to enduring friendships. Some are among members and Success Coaches, while others are between members who meet through the LandOpt network and events.
  5. Act with integrity at all times. LandOpt is proud of the reputation it has earned within the landscape contracting industry. We have high standards for honesty and transparency, and we always treat members with respect. Likewise, we expect our contractors to maintain a high degree of integrity.

landOpts network


The LandOpt Contractor Network is made up of top-tier contractors across the country. Members constantly tell us that peer-to-peer networking opportunities are among the biggest benefits of membership. As a new member, you are able to immediately connect with some of the industry’s most respected and successful contractors.

  •  In-person network events are educational, energizing and fun. They are where lasting friendships are forged.
  •  Webcasts and other training programs for members and their staffs provide a forum for sharing ideas and best practices on tough challenges. 
  •  Have a particularly difficult problem? If your Success Coach doesn’t have an immediate solution, chances are another member does. LandOpt regularly connects members who are eager to help each other.