Case Study on Mahon Property Maintenance

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From a summer job to a full-scale business

It all began at the young age of 12 when Adam Mahon’s love for the outdoors lead him to start his journey as a successful business owner. Adam started his first job with a local landscape company picking up branches and operating a Toro walk-behind mower. Over the next many years, he continued to advance his landscaping skills and started his own business in college. Mahon Property Maintenance was built on the principles of hard work, dedication, and attention to detail. With the goal of growing into a premier provider of landscape services in their region, Adam alongside the help of his wife, Monica, focused on creating a professionally run organization. The company’s growth accelerated quickly after landing several larger-scale commercial accounts. This was the starting point when Adam realized he needed some outside support to grow the business to where he wanted it to be. For the couple years, he was involved with industry consultants until he joined the LandOpt Network in 2019. Since then, Mahon Property Maintenance has grown its revenue, profitability, and productivity. Equally as important, the company has created a winning team culture that Adam always dreamed of having. “We reached a point where the company culture was not healthy, and we needed to make some changes,” shared Mahon. “LandOpt helped me to identify and make the changes we needed, but even further my LandOpt Success Coach ensured and pushed me to implement the changes.”

2. Fast Facts

    1. Owners; husband and wife, Adam & Monica Mahon
    2. $1.7M in annual revenue
    3. 20 Employees
    4. Provides all commercial maintenance services*
    5. In business over ten years
    6. Voted #1 Landscape Service Provider in their area for 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021*


3. How does Mahon Property Maintenance work with their LandOpt Success Coach?

Our LandOpt Success Coach pushes us- he knows how to coach us which I’m not the easiest to coach. Anytime I have a sticking point we can’t get past, whether that’s a revenue point, whether that’s an HR idea, or whatever it may be. I recently called him because I had a question about something and then we ended up being on a video meeting for an hour and a half. He’s always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that we’re comfortable, happy to answer all my questions. Coaching at LandOpt, it’s like adding another management piece – an impartial outside opinion which in this industry is huge because as owners and gm’s we get skewed, and we get very subjective on what we think is the right way.

4. How did you know LandOpt was the right decision for your landscaping business?

After joining LandOpt in 2019 and going through the LandOpt financial planning process, I now know there is a blueprint to follow, which is huge. I think in our business and landscape industry specifically, a lot of us get caught up in chasing the big accounts or the next shiny object, but you must start with a solid plan. LandOpt not only provides the financial plan support, but it also gives me the confidence to know that as long as we stick to the plan, you follow the coaching advice, and you participate in education and events. There’s really no reason that you will not be successful. You must put the work in- that’s the only thing I would add is nothing in life is a silver bullet. LandOpt is not a silver bullet, but they’re pretty close.

5. In what ways has LandOpt helped Mahon Property Maintenance the most?

LandOpt has the resources, the people, the systems to push us to the next level and scale our business which other consultants I worked with in the past couldn’t do for us. The reason we joined LandOpt was to scale the business but to scale profitably without sacrificing quality while growing our team. LandOpt has been able to help us quickly hire the right people for our team, improve our company culture and grow our revenue, sales and profitability through the use of their financial plan. We are huge proponents of LandOpt’s financial planning process, education and tool. We love it because we know where our money is at all times and where we are spending it. It has provided us the ability to have real time and valuable historical data making it possible for us to quickly identify if something’s out of whack.

6. LandOpt’s Impact on Mahon Property Maintenance

    1. Improved company culture
    2. Implemented detailed financial planning process
    3. Provided the ability to scale the business the right way
    4. Revenue grew 71% since 2019
    5. Profitability grew 276% since 2019
    6. Almost tripled long term recurring contracts from 2020 to 2021


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