3 Ways to Upgrade Your Professional Image

by | May 1, 2018 | Blog, Landscaping


Does Your Landscape Contracting Business Need a Makeover? 

There is popular advice that tells job seekers to dress for the job they want. The same can be said for businesses. How does your business currently dress? This may seem like a strange question, but take a moment to think about it. Does the image your business projects match the caliber of customer (and employee) you hope to consistently attract? If not, it might be time to give it a makeover. Here are three good places to start. 


Maintaining a bright, well-organized, safe office, shop and warehouse space speaks volumes about how seriously a business takes its vision, mission and commitment to the customer. A business’ facilities also serve as a perfect backdrop to showcase the quality of its products and solutions and to help prospective buyers envision the possibilities for their own properties. It is now becoming more commonplace for landscape contracting businesses to have showrooms where they greet interested buyers and host community events and social gatherings to promote specific offerings and features. As sales and marketing tools, showrooms can easily be updated for the seasons and decorated for holidays and compelling events like weddings, retirement parties and corporate meetings. 


A company’s brand is, in many ways, its clear voice in the chaotic din of commerce. Savvy businesses spend significant time, resources and creative energy developing brands that can be easily communicated, universally understood and seamlessly woven throughout their operations and interactions with buyers. A strong brand serves as a clear market differentiator and helps the business to stand out in buyers’ minds. Hints of the brand should be found throughout all levels and divisions of the organization, from business management to sales and recruiting. Easy ways to incorporate elements of a brand are via social media pages, marketing materials, crew uniforms, and building and vehicle signage.  

Vehicles and Equipment 

Hard-working assets like trucks, skid steers, mowers and excavators may have seen better days, but they don’t need to look like it. Clean, clearly-marked, well-maintained vehicles and equipment communicate to prospective buyers and the surrounding community that a landscape contracting business takes pride in what it does. Prioritizing routine maintenance and regularly switching out old vehicles and equipment for new also ensures the safety of the crews operating it, increases on-the-job efficiency and helps to reduce non-billable time that can quickly eat away at valuable profits. As businesses grow, they often find it beneficial to have an onsite maintenance shop where repairs and refurbishments can be done quickly and cost effectively. 

There are many ways to put your landscaping business’ best face forward. Three of the most effective and easy to implement – facilities management, creative branding, and routine vehicle and equipment maintenance and repair – are relatively small investments now that can result in big payoffs over the long term. 

Does your business need a makeover? Take this quiz to find out. 

  • Are your onsite and offsite facilities places you are proud to show off to prospective customers and other stakeholders? 
  • Do you host social and promotional events that highlight the value and quality of your business’ offerings? 
  • Can you clearly, concisely and easily communicate and illustrate your business’ brand? 
  • Are crew uniforms and vehicle and building signage consistently used throughout your business? 
  • Do you prioritize vehicle and equipment repair and purchase to ensure the safety of your crews and the efficiency of your business’ operations? 

If you answered no to most of these questions, your landscaping business could use a makeover. Visit www.landopt.com to find out how LandOpt can enhance your business’ best features and help it stand out in the crowd. 



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