3 Reasons Your Business Wants You to Embrace Change

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Blog, Landscaping

The human brain is a wonder. Not only does it keep us alive and regulate the function of all our bodily systems, it sets us apart from other living things by enabling us to meaningfully communicate, experience a wide range of emotions, engage in artistic and creative endeavors, and use logic and reason to solve problems, devise solutions, and make sense of our surroundings.

While not a muscle in the traditional sense, the brain still requires regular exercise to keep it active and vibrant. People who embrace the brain’s amazing ability to expand and adapt to new information are better able to learn from and navigate change in their own lives and experiences, resulting in greater personal and professional success. Still not convinced? Here are three compelling reasons to embrace change, reasons that will benefit you, your brain and your business.

More Meaningful Connections

Your team is your greatest resource. The whirlwind of daily operations can get in the way of authentically connecting with your team members, but it is vital to overcome the urge to segregate and distance yourself from the people you have entrusted to help you keep your business on course. Each person on your team – from your top-line managers to your sales professionals and crews – comes through the door with unique ideas, experiences, aspirations, and contributions. Each one can teach you something valuable that can change your perspective – and, often, the trajectory of your thinking, planning and goal setting – for the better. As you and your team share knowledge and insight with each other, you will find that communication becomes more substantial, effective and purpose-driven, resulting in positive changes to the internal culture and greater buy-in and commitment. And, as you embrace the change that comes from diverse perspectives and personalities, you may also find you experience richer connections with prospective and existing customers, investors and other stakeholders in the business.

More Effective Use of Time

Time is often compared to currency. You only have so much of it, and it is up to you each day to decide how it is spent. Do you regularly spend your valuable minutes and hours putting out fires and maintaining the status quo, or do you spend it seeking out new, more impactful ways of streamlining processes, engaging customers, providing solutions and improving your and your team’s quality of life? Are you aware of – and do you regularly and proactively do research to identify – changes in market trends, economic conditions, customer habits, and other factors that could impact your landscape contracting business’ daily operations and its profitability? How you answer these questions can provide valuable insight into how readily you anticipate and welcome change and the positive results it can bring.

More Innovative Ideas

The tried and true may work when getting a haircut and ordering off a restaurant menu, but seldom does it help to move your business along the progressive path it was meant to travel. What worked well yesterday may no longer be effective today, as customer expectations, market trends, and technological tools shift and evolve. In these customer-centric times, it is more important than ever to stay steps ahead of the competition. This requires proactively seeking out new, uncharted ways of operating your business and providing solutions to your customers’ increasingly discriminating standards. As you willingly commit to riding the current of change and opening your mind to new insights, you may surprise yourself with the cache of innovative ideas that has been lying dormant, waiting to be activated and put to good use.

Do you accept change as a means to improve your landscape contracting business? Take this quick quiz to find out.

· Do you regularly seek out your team members’ and others’ opinions, ideas, suggestions, and feedback?

· Do you take time each day to step out of your comfort zone and try something new?

· Do you expect your business to look drastically different five years from now?

· Do you have a succession plan in place?

· Do you consider environmental and economic conditions when making budgets and financial plans?

If you answered no to most of these questions, you may want to consider how an in-depth analysis of your business currently can boost the bottom line. Visit www.landopt.com to find out how LandOpt can help you embrace change and grow your business.



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