Quick Tips From President Don Evans – The Principle of Lean Enterprise

by | Jan 2, 2018 | Blog, Landscaping

Businesses that are proactive and mindful about minimizing non-productive time embrace the concept of lean enterprise, which calls for the elimination of any superfluous costs that do not directly add value to the products and services offered and provided to the customer. Lean organizations recognize the value customers add to the business and devote most of their resources to producing and delivering high-quality goods and services. In fact, lean organizations are generally able to produce a higher volume of goods than non-lean organizations because they are prudent about how they acquire and employ materials and resources. As a result, these organizations experience healthy cash flow and high employee morale, in large part because financial transparency and operational discipline are encouraged and fostered, and because individual skill sets are valued and utilized to provide the optimal customer experience. Every dollar matters in a lean business, and it shows.



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