Quick Tips From Success Coach Mark Borrasso – Continuous Recruiting

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Blog, Landscaping

Have you used a Rolodex? In the days before Outlook calendars and smart phone contact lists became the norm, this revolving desktop index card system reigned supreme. The Rolodex kept both business and personal contacts close at hand, literally within arm’s reach. A well-stocked Rolodex meant its owner had an abundance of contacts readily available for any need that cropped up. If you’re like many small business owners, it is a challenge to find high-quality team members for your business. After all, top-notch people are always the first to be grabbed by other businesses – or so it seems. In truth, however, there is an abundance of talent out there just waiting to be given the right opportunity. It’s all in knowing where to look and how to keep the recruiting ball rolling. When your mental Rolodex is full of prospective recruit contacts, it’s easy to find exactly the team member your business needs exactly when it needs it.

It cannot be overstated: a company is only as good as the people it keeps. Your landscape contracting business might provide the highest quality goods and services the industry can offer, but without top-notch talent, it will never realize the profits you envision for it. Your team is your greatest resource. Continual investment in your team is critical to the growth, vitality, and success of your business. This investment begins with recruiting the right people for the right roles. But your recruiting responsibilities do not end when all positions and roles are filled. To ensure your business does not outgrow your team, and to ensure your team is consistently comprised of highly motivated, highly skilled people, it is essential to adopt a continuous recruiting mentality.



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