Quick Tips From President Don Evans – Embracing the Huddle

by | Dec 5, 2017 | Blog, Landscaping

Have you ever watched a basketball or football team huddle during a time out? Teams often huddle with the coach to strategize plays with the goal of gaining the advantage over the opposing team. In business, huddles can be informal (think of a morning huddle) or formal, with team members sitting around the table, exchanging ideas, brainstorming, planning, and prioritizing. Regular informal and formal team meetings are essential operational components in a business. Your competition – the opposing team – might not always be visible on the court or the field, but it’s out there nonetheless.

Internal meetings with your teams ensure every individual is consistently set up to win. They also ensure you maintain visibility as the coach willing to lead every team member to those wins. Regular meetings with your team members are essential for recommunicating and fostering the culture you have worked so hard to build and implement in your business. They are also vital for ensuring all team members are fully on board with the business’s mission, vision, and goals. It is important for each team member to feel consistently and genuinely valued, heard, and appreciated, and for each to know and understand how to fulfill the expectations of his or her role.




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