Quick Tips From Success Coach Mark Borrasso – Reducing Customer Distractions

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Blog, Landscaping

When your customers entrust their property to your crews, it makes sense that they would want to ensure it is well taken care of, and to be confident that they will realize a sizable return on their investment. The time your crews spend on the customer property is billable time. While it’s not uncommon for property owners to want to oversee the work that is being done on their properties, customer distractions can result in significant loss of revenue as more and more billable time is consumed with the customer’s needs above and beyond the outlined and agreed-upon scope of work. Of course, it’s important to continually work with the customer to ensure a project remains on time, on budget, and per the agreed-upon scope and terms, but customer involvement can quickly become problematic if its value to the project is not carefully and continually assessed and managed. If customers become belligerent, demanding, or difficult to please, or if their presence is distracting to the crews performing the work, it may be necessary to discontinue the relationship with that customer or to add further terms and conditions to the agreement.



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