7 Warning Signs You Need More Than Consulting

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  • Your landscape company has been stuck at the same revenue for more than 2 years.

Your company has reached an operational capacity as it is currently organized. You are simply doing your best with what you have and working your way through the everyday maze trying different ways to escape mediocre results. You’ve received advice and tried solutions, but it’s hard getting everyone in your team onboard. We see this all too often when a landscape contractor wants to grow but can’t seem to get to that next level.

LandOpt is a group of business and industry professionals empowering teams with the tools, processes, training and support necessary to become a proactive customer driven business. Coupled with success coaches to guide you on the right path, LandOpt aides landscaping businesses to get to that next level of success. A success coach at LandOpt is like having somebody who knows the way and guides you turn by turn towards your goal of growth. You transition from reading a map to having turn by turn directions in your business.

  • After advice, you need more help to implement. 

Even though you have reached out to industry consultants and read a library full of books, nothing seems to stick. Organizational change is a difficult task. How do you get the right team members on the right bus, in the right seats, and where do you go from there?

Consulting tend to focus on a few, but not all areas to assist your organization in moving forward. Oftentimes providing sales instructions or advice regarding financial planning are not interrelated from a consulting standpoint.

With LandOpt, each department of your organization is integrated providing for group based goals and solutions. Having a clearly defined process enables team members to understand not only responsibility but accountability. This is the LandOpt system providing frequent and consistent avenues unifying each member of your organization and their contribution towards growth in the green industry. Integrated systems and solutions provide measureable progress in a sequential format that lays the groundwork leading you from point A to point B.

  • There’s always a cost for the next level of help.

Consultants utilize quick touch points to increase organizational performance. Furthermore, when you need additional support prepare to pay additional costs.  By no means are solutions non-productive, but they do not offer a holistic approach. There are limitations as to what or who the solution can reach as well as how long these touch-points affect or continue to bolster results.

LandOpt’s business systems are comprehensive and assist you each step of the way. You receive a solution packaged and bundled to cover areas including Sales, Marketing, Business Management, Operations Management, Financial Planning, HR, and more. There is no need for additional consulting that tends to focus on one or two areas. You are getting one complete package.

  • Your consultant knows nothing about the green industry.

Your consultant has some really great ways to implement business processes, but he/she doesn’t have the answers of what has worked in the past for other landscaping businesses. How do you know if what they have to offer will work or not? Do you really have the time and energy to put something in place you’re unsure of?

In working with LandOpt, you are tapping into the knowledge of not only subject matter experts, but a network of landscaping professionals that have years of experience. LandOpt provides a national network of landscaping professionals that can be called upon at any time for advice. They may have made the mistake you are about to consider. Think about the time and money that would save your company.

  • Workshops never seem like enough.

Workshops are valuable to learn new and different tools to help improve your business, but once I return to work I cannot remember most of what I learned.

As professionals in the green industry, we crave growth. We want improvement. While one can be well read and researched, we still cannot find a solution to relay this information to a whole team or implement such a cultural transformation. It seems that workshops are over before you realize your time was spent visualizing potential change and questioning how to involve individuals on your team before fully understanding and embracing the concepts. At LandOpt, we help your ability to know where you are, where you are going, and how to make these visions a reality.

LandOpt offers live training in a collaborative classroom setting with class levels based off experience. Learning materials are accessible online prior to and after sessions. There are multiple engagements utilizing online tools to converse and connect with peers in the LandOpt network who share real life experiences and discuss successes, failures, and recommendations for smooth implementation.

  • Airing your dirty laundry in public isn’t an option. 

While attending local seminars or working with consultants, it is hard to talk about failures or lack of understanding in different aspects of the green industry. Many find it hard to open up for the sake of embarrassment, get into the details, or diagnose reasons for not doing things a better way. At local seminars or industry meetings, it’s especially difficult to talk about shortcomings in front of competitors that might use it to their advantage.

With the LandOpt Network, all territories are protected for one sole licensee. This lack of competition creates an inviting environment for conversations between network locations across the country. While there are differences among the group, it is very beneficial to learn about paths previously taken by others and how to streamline process implementation thus resulting in efficiency. Having access to a network of industry experts and specialists provides decades of experience one could never gain otherwise. Planned social engagements, licensee site visits, and social media engagements help to keep the network connected.

  • You’re having a hard time training your whole company on what you learned at a seminar. 

You go to a seminar, learn about solutions that can improve your landscaping company, and get back to the office to realize you don’t have the time in your schedule to train your team. By the time you get around to train everyone, you have lost most of the information you learned at the seminar. You might have even gotten busy enough to forget completely to train your team.

This is why at LandOpt each member of your team has the ability to engage in training whether it is live in our training facility, on site at your location, at a network event, or interactively via tools on the web. Everyone can experience what is required for growth and share their observations with each other whether on location at the workplace or with other across the country. Training isn’t your responsibility anymore. Having these tools available enables you to work on your company and not in it.


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