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Founded in 2004, LandOpt ranks #21 on Landscape Management’s Top 150. Our mission is simple: we help America’s best landscape contractors grow and love their businesses. Work with us and your company will become more efficient, profitable and less chaotic

In 2021 our members’ operating profits exceeded their peers by 28%.

LandOpt creates lasting partnerships with contractors who are serious about expanding their businesses, increasing their efficiency and improving their quality of life. Unlike consultants who offer quick fixes and leave you to do all the work, LandOpt stays by your side every step of the way. 

Proprietary business management tools are combined with continuous, ongoing personalized support delivered by Success Coaches who share your passion and drive. Have a big problem on a Saturday morning? Your coach will take your call.

We’re good at what we do, but LandOpt’s real stars are our members. They’re among the best in the business who take pride in mentoring the next generation of industry leaders. As a new member, you — and your GMs, project managers, account managers and sales teams – get immediate access to them through the LandOpt network

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Chris Schlueter, American Gardens

“We found ourselves wearing far too many hats and working far too hard for too little money. LandOpt has taught us everything from strategic planning and marketing strategy to financial planning.”



Laronda White, Brookway Horticultural Services

“There are so many things as a business owner you don’t know. You need people who have been through something you haven’t. Sometimes you need fresh ideas. Surround yourself with other successful people. I learn something every time I go to a LandOpt event.”



Scott Ziebol, LandCrafters

“We’ve doubled in size since joining LandOpt in 2018 and that includes a couple of down years because of COVID. The financial planning tool is invaluable, so is the coaching.”



Michael Bellantoni, Belantoni Landscape

“When we came onboard with LandOpt we were between three and six percent net profit. Seven years later we’ve hit double digits. Last year we had a 13 percent net profit.”


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