Quick Tips From Director of Sales & Marketing Alison Blobner – Asking Hook Questions

Hook questions and statements during cold calls and initial meetings with a prospective customer serve the purpose of aiding the proactive Sales Professional in following up on, exploring, and providing more information about the needs, wants, goals, desires, and pain points expressed by the prospect. A hook question should only seek enough information to create and offer reasons for why an additional meeting should be held to proceed with the sales process. A hook can also serve as a marker of recognition, proof that the prospect’s point of view has been heard and understood. Examples of effective hook questions and statements include:

  • Can you tell me more?
  • Which means…?
  • Why is that, do you think?
  • Is that important to you?
  • I see…
  • Interesting.


If sufficient pain is not uncovered in the process of asking and assessing the responses to hook questions, the prospect should be disqualified and the sales opportunity rejected. Additionally, if the prospect does not react to any of the hook questions or fails to create a response, it’s time to discontinue the call and pursue a new lead.

Alison Blobner
Alison Blobner

As the Director of Marketing & Sales, Alison is directly responsible for adding new Licensees by both qualifying and educating landscape contractors on the benefits of the LandOpt Network. Her focus includes regional growth within our existing Licensee base, with an eye toward ultimately expanding the Network throughout the United States. Alison’s background includes regional sales experience and management responsibility for large, global organizations where was tasked with generating new business and achieving targeted growth plans using a consultative sales approach. She was also responsible for the training and management of local and regional sales teams. A Pittsburgh native, Alison attended Robert Morris University.

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